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My interview w/ Chicagolicious cast member MaCray Huff

One day I was flipping through the cable television channels when I stumbled upon a show called Chicagolicious.  It seemed to be the black version on Jerseylicious, which I happened to watch.  My sister was once a young hair stylist working in a salon so watching this show was relatable for me.  I remember pushing her to step out on faith to get into a salon and watching her build up her clientele.  Watching Chicagolicious on tv was like watching my sister in her creative element again.  After watching three episodes, I gratified to MaCray Huff.  He is a hair stylist, fashion forward thinker and he also has a quick wit.

MaCray is a guy from a small town in Virginia who ends up working for a well-known salon owner named AJ.  AJ’s Salon is located in the big city of Chicago and that is where the name Chicagolicious came about. The new episodes will air starting October 16th, you don’t want to miss it.

I was super siked to interview MaCray for my blog and he accepted my offer. Check out my interview questions and MaCray’s answers below.

1. It is obvious that you have a passion and a great talent for styling hair. Will you tell the readers, how you got started in the business of hair? 

I got started in the hair business after 2 years of college! I wasn’t happy and knew I had a gift for doing hair but, I was going to college because I thought I had to be successful. So I dropped out a enrolled in cosmetology school and I just sword at it! I had the reputation that if you want some different and crazy go to MaCray. I still do n I love it!!!

2. The readers want to know, how you started working for AJ Salons in Chicago?

I went to a cutting class at the Sassoon academy before I moved to Chicago and a fellow student told me of a few salons to check out once I moved. I walked into AJs and handed the manager my résumé. They pulled up my Facebook page to see some of my work and the next week they called me in to do an interview and some trial extensions. I have been there ever since!

3. As a fashion stylist and a fashion blogger, I find inspiration in music, art and people.  I love your personal style and how you own your fashion forward, stylish looks.  Do you have a wardrobe stylist or are you coming up with your own looks?

I come up with my own looks! I’ve had a stylist buy me specific pieces I want but I love being different and putting things together on my own. Sometimes I have to say “MaCray now u kno u doing the most with this one!” Lol

4.  On the show, Chicagolicious, you have such a confidence about yourself.  You seem to be comfortable in your own skin and it is refreshing to viewers.  Will you tell my readers, how you got to be the confident person that we see on the show?
Actually I’m really not! There’s soooo many things I don’t like about myself but there’s way more that I do like about me! I love MaCray and I just do me. I want to have fun and live this life the best way I can! I grew being talked about and they tried to make fun of me but I’m still going to do what I want to do! There are times when I test myself and I feel people are not going to receive what I’m doing well but I just do it! I don’t want anyone to have that much power over what I want to do! Boop!
5. What can we expect from you in the near future?
 I will be debuting a few designs from my t-shirt line by the end of the month. I hope everyone loves them!!!
I want to thank MaCray Huff of Chicagolicious for taking the time out of his busy schedule to allow me to interview him.  Thank you again MaCray and I will be watching the next season of Chicagolicious!

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